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Planning and executing new parking management ​software and technology is a big step, both inside your organization and for your customers. ParkPlus is there to help every step of the way with a variety of services we offer to our customers.


All of our services are provided by professionals with a great deal of experience in their fields. As a branch of the Calgary Parking Authority, we leverage the experience and expertise of over 50 years in the parking business, and one of the only owner-operators in the parking industry. You can feel confident that you're getting the best advice for your unique situation when you enlist ParkPlus to help with your parking needs. 


  • Signage consultation – quantity, placement, design

  • Recommend spending allocation based on budget

  • Social media post templates for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram

  • 6 week social media calendar leading up to and including deployment of system

  • Draft press release for launch

  • Advertising and promotional plan for advising residents/users of changes

ParkPlus knows first-hand that a change to how visitors pay for parking is going to be challenging. You need to communicate what's different, educate people on what to do, and provide them with support and direction on the new system. Let ParkPlus use our experience in implementation to help you roll out the smoothest transition possible.  

ParkPlus can also help you communicate the details of the implementation with visitors in several ways:


ParkPlus can help you by creating a custom campaign for any of these strategies:

Referral program: encouraging organic usage and account growth through word of mouth will help build your customer base, and 

referrals come from a trusted source. Options include a registration or first time use account credit, a gift card based on number of 

referred signups, etc. 

New account signups: promotional codes, coupons, bulk sign up discounts or welcome bonuses are all great ways to encourage 

new users to try your service. Let us work with you to determine the best tactics based on your needs. 

Local business joint promotion: getting the community on board with what you’re implementing is always worth the time and effort 

to do it. By supporting your local merchants, you’re earning more revenue – so why not give them the credit?


If you're looking for advice on what components you need in a parking management solution, you've come to the right place. We provide a free (duh!) consultation on your existing setup and recommend only the components that substantially benefit your operation. We can also help you to design the work flow, enforcement process, or other programs to meet your exact needs while taking into account the resources you have. Contact us for more information



The first step in the integration process is discovery; so ParkPlus will arrange a tour and evaluation of your existing program and cover everything from equipment placement and functionality requirements to existing software capabilities and desired capabilities.   

Once the desired hardware is in place, we integrate ParkPlus technology seamlessly. Your staff will be able to connect into each piece of equipment to compile and analyze data. ParkPlus technology is hardware agnostic, so there isn’t a piece of pay-by-plate parking hardware out there that we can’t make work. Contact us to discuss your current setup and book a free review and consultation. 


Strategic planning through the data set is also possible. With ParkPlus, you can identify scofflaws, hot spots, as well as general information about resource use. Imagine being able to answer questions like:

  • Would this lot be more profitable if it offered more monthly parking stalls?

  • Is it worthwhile to intensify enforcement at a particular location?

  • Where would marketing efforts (like signage or a direct mail campaign) have the greatest impact?  

  • What time of day are usage rates highest, thus warranting rate increases? 


ParkPlus wants to help keep your finances in order so that if and when you are audited, need to prepare a report for upper management or a board of directors, or you simply need to crunch some numbers, you have the right tool to accomplish your goal. 

Audits can be an intimidating process. Minimize your concern by conducting regularly scheduled pass/fail audits with ParkPlus software. Custom build a list of requirements and attribute pass or fail answers to your data points. Then run the audit monthly, quarterly, or annually to do an internal check on how you’re performing. Better prepare your organization and address any concerns before they land you a failing grade in a formal audit. Take credit for your pre-emptive analysis and preparation – all thanks to ParkPlus.  


ParkPlus software provides an administrative portal that lets authorized users log in and pull reports on an ad-hoc basis. Each module of the ParkPlus system has different types of information collected, and therefore some of these reports are dependent upon which ParkPlus solutions your organization implements. Below is a list of queries you can perform. Custom reports to meet your needs can also be developed upon request. 

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