ParkPlus is a recognized leader in in providing parking management services and customized solutions. Our team is backed by years of expertise in the parking industry and strong skills in software design. The team is committed to improving parking experiences and attentive to each client's unique requirements. Reach out and discover how we can meet your parking needs.


Moe Houssaini

VP, Operations


Business Development Manager

Account Manager

Project Coordinator

Carla is the main point of contact for our existing ParkPlus clients. Her sharp attention to detail and commitment to finding new and improved solutions make Carla an invaluable resource for all ParkPlus operations.

Technical Writer

Maria Alvarez

Account Management Assistant

Maria supports the team in several capacities related to account management. She assists with monthly performance reporting and enables ParkPlus to provide our clients with a high level of service in our day-to-day operations.

Give a member of the team a call, or drop us a line in our general mailbox and we'll make sure the right person gets in touch. 


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