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Parking Enforcement Officer issuing a ticket



ParkPlus can be successfully implemented in many different sectors. Click any of the industries below for more information. 

Cities large and small have a wide range of demands to meet from their citizens and visitors. ParkPlus can help make every aspect of the parking management process a smooth and profitable one.


We have software for campuses, hospitals, airports, and all sorts of other institutions. Our software integrates with what you already have to provide cost savings and find new revenue streams. 

As a business, you need to put your customers first. Having a parking solution that gets great customer ratings, lets you prepay sessions if and when you need to, and can all be done online is critical.

You have a wide variety of visitors to your parking lot, and we can help minimize lines and time spent out there by providing a payment method to suit each one of these visitors from texting to calling to paying in person.

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