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Software as a Service is centrally located software and licensed on a subscription basis. In our case, ParkPlus hosts and runs the parking management software components in our data center, in the cloud. It's equivalent to renting software rather than purchasing it - and also includes maintenance. 

How is it related to cloud computing? Good question. SaaS is one component of cloud computing, along with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). You can check out Rackspace for more information if you're interested. 


  • Web-based access to commercial software

  • Software managed from a central location

  • Software delivered in a “one to many” model

  • Users are not required to handle software upgrades and patches

  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow for integration between different pieces of software



  • Standard offerings in which the solution is largely undifferentiated—for example, email. Competitors often use the same email software because this fundamental technology is a requirement for doing business but does not itself confer an competitive advantage

  • Applications in which there is significant interplay between the organization and the outside world—for example, email newsletter campaign software

  • Applications that have a significant need for web or mobile access—for example, mobile sales management software

  • Software for which demand spikes significantly—for example, tax or billing software used once a month


With all of this in mind, you can see why a SaaS-based solution is a great option for your parking management software. If you have questions about ParkPlus hosting or service delivery methods, don't hesitate to email us your questions! 


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