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The ParkPlus system includes a powerful back-end reporting tool at your fingertips. This empowers you to find patterns in your data and act upon them. For example, you may notice that a significant portion of your customers are coming from the same area of town. With this new information, you may want to perform advertising in that area, as more of the residents may find it convenient as well. 


Various reports come standard with the software, and countless more custom options are available. If there's a report you can imagine, ParkPlus can build it for you. We can also export data into any other software so that you can continue to use any pre-existing reporting tools. 


If your organization works with the municipal transportation department, ParkPlus is a great tool for identifying patterns and trends in parking and driving habits. Turn it into meaningful analysis to decided where to invest in infrastructure, what types of facilities resonate with your market, and more.


Strategic planning through the data set is also possible. With ParkPlus, you can identify scofflaws, hot spots, as well as general information about resource use. Imagine being able to answer questions like:

  • Would this lot be more profitable if it offered more monthly parking stalls?

  • Is it worthwhile to intensify enforcement at a particular location?

  • Where would marketing efforts (like signage or a direct mail campaign) have the greatest impact?  

  • What time of day are usage rates highest, thus warranting rate increases? 


ParkPlus wants to help keep your finances in order so that if and when you are audited, need to prepare a report for upper management or a board of directors, or you simply need to crunch some numbers, you have the right tool to accomplish your goal. 

Audits can be an intimidating process. Minimize your concern by conducting regularly scheduled pass/fail audits with ParkPlus software. Custom build a list of requirements and attribute pass or fail answers to your data points. Then run the audit monthly, quarterly, or annually to do an internal check on how you’re performing. Better prepare your organization and address any concerns before they land you a failing grade in a formal audit. Take credit for your pre-emptive analysis and preparation – all thanks to ParkPlus.  

Some of the data available at your fingertips includes: 

  • Detailed transaction information

  • Revenue tracking

  • Profit per zone or lot


ParkPlus software provides an administrative portal that lets authorized users log in and pull reports on an ad-hoc basis. Each module of the ParkPlus system has different types of information collected, and therefore some of these reports are dependent upon which ParkPlus solutions your organization implements. Below is a list of queries you can perform. Custom reports to meet your needs can also be developed upon request. 

  • Individual account activity (date, time, and personal data)

  • Revenue report (lists all transactions)

  • Enforcement activity report

  • Customer service report (all calls received)

  • Duration of stay report (entry and exit times included)

  • Account holder vs guest report 

  • Payment source report (channel that funds are received from)

  • Top performers (by location, by machine)

  • Violation activity (number, peak infraction locations, citations issued per enforcement officer, type of violation)

  • Number of account holders and dollar amount spent per user 

  • Administrative review information (number of reviews, outcomes of reviews)

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