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Mobile payment has many facets. With ParkPlus, you can offer your customers several mobile payment channels, including text message, interactive voice response system (call-in), an online wallet with a stored account value, physical multi-space meters, and a virtual pay machine for non-account holders… all in addition to our multifaceted app. More on each of these payment methods can be found below. 

As a parking provider using the ParkPlus system, you can provide a single solution for payment, or any combination of the above options to your customers. With the ParkPlus system, users can start and stop sessions using a combination of the above methods. For example, you could text in to start a session, and call the interactive voice response system to stop the same session. 


One of the most visible aspects of any parking operation is paying for parking. ParkPlus believes that making paying simple, quick and easy is key to a positive customer experience. To deliver the best service, ParkPlus has developed a parking app with a variety of great features. 

ParkPlus provides our mobile app as a white label product, and we work with you to skin the app to meet your branding guidelines. We operate as a behind-the-scenes provider so that you have greater control over the use, branding, and other aspects of the service. It’s easy to customize the product, and it ensures that you get maximum buy-in and increased usage rates among customers. 


  • Online activation of a parking session

  • Ability to pay for parking for another vehicle  

  • Access to virtual pay machines

  • Start and stop parking sessions at any time

  • Top up your account anytime

  • Low balance reminders

  • Compatibility with Android & Apple 

  • Locate my vehicle feature upon returning to your parking spot

  • Map feature to find a nearby open parking stall 

  • Geo-locator to enable auto-fill of the nearest zone 


Account holders can text a pre-set number to activate or deactivate a parking session. As the provider of this service, you have discretion on if a fee is charged.  


Account holders can use a voice prompt system to start and stop parking sessions. Depending on the application you are using ParkPlus for, this might be a very valuable (or completely unnecessary) feature. For example, seniors often prefer to call and activate parking versus using an app. If you'd like more information on how an IVR works, examples of when it's most effective, and other interesting information, have a look at this helpful guide. 


For users of the system who would prefer to pay via an online web page the ParkPlus System provides web based account access.  

Users can connect via any web interface access their account and wallet to enter a zone and time for a parking session.  This tool can also facilitate businesses paying for a client’s parking session during a business meeting or appointment.


ParkPlus software is hardware agnostic. We have existing integrations with several hardware providers when it comes to multi-space pay stations (most notably Cale) however we can integrate into whatever your existing multi-space solution is. If you don't already have multi-space meters, ParkPlus can help you put together an RFP to purchase them, and use our experience and knowledge to get you the features you want and need at the lowest cost. Email us if you'd like to discuss this no-charge service. 


The Virtual Pay Machine (VPM) is for customers on the go. VPM is a service that allows anyone to securely pay for parking on-street, on a surface lot, or in a parkade with their cell phone and credit card; no account is needed.

VPM allows customers to park smart - all they need are these two things: 

1. A smartphone (with a QR code reader) to scan the QR code, or ability to visit a custom website
2. A credit card (note that payment cannot be made with "Virtual VISA" or other prepaid cards, but Visa/Debit cards can be used)


We're as concerned about customer data collection and storage as you are, and we take great care to follow all industry protocols. Click the image below to learn more about the flow of cardholder information in the ParkPlus system. 

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