It all started back in 1968 when the Calgary Parking Authority was formed with the mandate to implement Calgary's parking policies by managing on and off street public parking facilities, enforcement programs, and provide parking advisory services.


We've seen a lot of new parking technology since then, but one thing that hasn't changed was the commitment to provide a cutting edge solution to Calgarians to make parking as simple and efficient as possible. To this day, the mission is still to use leading-edge technology to provide public parking on-street, in parkades and in surface parking lots.  

In 2006, a new technology wave was coming, and the Calgary Parking Authority wanted to be on the forefront of it. An RFP was put out for technology that had all sorts of great features and abilities - but there were no responses. The market just didn't have to offer the solution that would solidify the Calgary Parking Authority as a leader in the parking industry. 

So we got to work. Developers started from scratch and built a platform that could manage parking with a single identifier - the licence plate. Payments would be collected based on the plate, and enforcement would ticket based on the plate too. In 2007, the ParkPlus System was launched, with the City of Calgary as its testing ground.  


As the system materialized and developed further, so many things became possible. In fact, we're still developing new features to this day. We've built and upgraded an app, added an online residential parking portal, and so much more. Below is a timeline of how things have played out so far. 

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