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There are dozens of aspects to consider relating to parking management in every city, large or small. What kind of parking meters do you have? How do you manage the impound lot? When and where do you offer public parking? How do you administer residential parking permits? Should you use a demand-based parking fee structure? The list goes on. Now what?

ParkPlus enables you to tackle local parking management issues with ease. Take our turn-key solution and add only the modules you need. Our white label app is a blank canvas for your municipal parking management branding. As the first municipality in North America to develop and implement this unique parking management software, we have a decade of experience testing it in a live environment (our hometown of Calgary, Alberta). We know the complexity of supplying public parking to a municipality better than any other company out there, which enables us to be thought leaders and trusted consultants when implementing your parking management strategy.


  • White label product to customize with your branding

  • Experience as an owner-operator

  • Enforcement in real time or post session

  • Integration with any hardware or software systems

  • High user satisfaction ratings (94-97%)

  • Unified platform for citizens to perform multiple parking needs (payment, receipts, permits, multiple vehicles etc.)

  • High data integrity for fewer disputed tickets

  • Reduced risk and confrontation likelihood for enforcement officers

  • City planning with data and analytics

  • Free mobile app for users

  • Adjustable rates (by the time of the day, day of the week, etc.)

Can't picture this working in a municipality of your size? 

As the first owner-operator in the mobile parking app market, and an in-house developer and user of our own technology for over 10 years, we can attest first hand that this is an ideal solution for a municipality of any size. Custom branding will make citizens feel at home and studies have proven year over year that they understand, frequently use and are highly satisfied with the mobile app. Citation management is simpler with photo evidence and increased compliance, and scarce city resources can be re-allocated to produce more without increasing costs.


Still not sure how ParkPlus software will benefit the citizens in your municipality? Have a look at the chart below showing some of the key benefits for system users. 

Citizen benefits of ParkPlus
Mountain Town Planners Icon.png


Introducing paid parking in your mountain or resort centered town can be intimidating. There is often backlash from business owners who believe their traffic will suffer; residents who want to be exempt from paying for parking privileges, and council members who think it will hurt tourism.   

ParkPlus believes that all of these concerns should be listened to and addressed. When you weigh the impact of implementing paid parking against the revenue, information collected, and other benefits that our parking management software provides, you'll see it's well worth the effort.  


Paid parking isn't a one size fits all solution. In the case of mountain and resort based towns, it's often the case that seasonal fees in specific areas of town are the best solutions. This gives residents peace of mind that they can park in residential areas as usual. It also gives town administrators the ability to generate revenue using demand based pricing systems - charging when demand is high, and not when demand is low. 

ParkPlus also offers the ability to gradually implement new technologies - starting with multi space meters, taking on residential parking permits and electronic systems when appropriate, and eventually introducing an app for payment and a web portal for managing violations. 

Can't picture this working in a resort town like yours?


You're not it it alone. ParkPlus will work with you every step in the process, including an on-site walk through, implementation plan, creating an education program specifically for your town and residents, providing staff training and support, and anything else you might need. 

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