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One of the most visible aspects of any parking operation is paying for parking. ParkPlus believes that making paying simple, quick and easy is key to a positive customer experience. To deliver the best service, ParkPlus has developed a parking app with a variety of great features. 

ParkPlus provides our mobile app as a white label product, and we work with you to skin the app to meet your branding guidelines. We operate as a behind-the-scenes provider so that you have greater control over the use, branding, and other aspects of the service. It’s easy to customize the product, and it ensures that you get maximum buy-in and increased usage rates among customers. 


  • Online activation of a parking session

  • Ability to pay for parking for another vehicle  

  • Access to virtual pay machines

  • Start and stop parking sessions at any time

  • Top up your account anytime

  • Low balance reminders

  • Compatibility with Android & Apple 

  • Locate my vehicle feature upon returning to your parking spot

  • Map feature to find a nearby open parking stall 

  • Geo-locator to enable auto-fill of the nearest zone 


Create an account: Users can also edit their profile, and update their licence plates and phone numbers on the fly.

Start and stop a parking session: To start the parking session users just need to open the app, log in and enter the parking zone number. When leaving, the user can end the session with the touch of a button and pay only for the time they actually parked. Cell phone account holders can also start a session, or set up parking sessions for dates and times in the future. This feature is particularly useful for businesses wishing to pay for their customers' parking.

Manage payments: Customers can prepay the parking service using a digital wallet, administrate funds, check the account balance and access a record of parking transactions.

Check availability: With the ParkPlus app it is possible to view the number of stalls available in the municipality’s parkades in real time. This feature is also linked into a convenient map that provides directions to each parkade. 

Estimate onstreet availability: User can view what streets and areas are typically the busiest by date and time. This feature uses 

historical data from the ParkPlus system to provide a general overview of on-street parking availability.  

Avoid fines and tows: Since the customer is known in account based payments, the ParkPlus System can be programmed to provide call back or email alerts to remind the customer a parking session is active, a parking session is ending, or of a low account balance. 

Find rates: Clicking any zone produces a chart of hourly rates, maximum stays, free parking times, and other pertinent info. 

Access relevant information: Through the ParkPlus app, users can quickly access municipal links, social media accounts, office 

addresses and contact information.


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