Using Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) for enforcement means that all aspects of the parking interaction (licence plates, cameras, payments) can be directly linked through ParkPlus technology. This is the most advanced method of capturing vehicular data , and sharing it in real-time across the network. We recommend hosting data in a cloud based environment, however alternatives are available should you require.

ParkPlus includes a comprehensive review of your program and a consultation on best practices for hardware placement. We also provide software component analysis and integration. We do this because we have a wealth of experience through in-market trials, and we want to pass along our knowledge to better our industry.


ParkPlus LPR based enforcement can be applied to a gateless system as cameras are able to capture and track plates entering and exiting the lot. Alternatively, using traditional gated structures is possible, and gates are programmed to automatically open or close based on a validated plate and payment.


ParkPlus knows that bylaws can affect how you issue tickets. That’s why we offer real time (ticket on the spot) and post processing (review later and mail citations) options for issuing citations. This is an easy way to control when and how you capture infractions and issue tickets, so that the process meets your staffing and hardware capabilities.