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ParkPlus offers a complete tool for impound lot management. Complete every task from dispatching tow trucks, to accepting payment, to disposing of vehicles. 



With a large volume of vehicles, and a high value of this inventory, you need precise information about where each one is at every moment. Maintain the highest level of professionalism by tracking the pickup, storage, and release of each vehicle and being able to tell each customer exactly where their property is at all times.


You’re running a business, and an important aspect is managing costs. ParkPlus enables you to monitor hard costs like towing charges from outside vendors, cleaning expenses, and external security. You can apply accurate charges to each vehicle impounded and detail bill or report on individual costs. With our tool, you can also track soft costs like daily storage, lien checks, and much more. Add these figures onto the hard costs and you’ve got a complete picture for paying customers. Additionally, you can track things like staff expenses, overhead, maintenance, overdue accounts, auctions, and much more. You get the complete picture of operating the impound lot so you can make the tough or hard to see decisions that improve your bottom line.


  • Call logs: Logs vehicle information received from individuals calling to determine if their vehicle has been impounded 

  • Record of impoundment (ROI): Create an electronic record with tow bill information, match vehicle details to retrieve contact information, conduct searches using a variety of fields 

  • Tracking impound fees: adds and calculates all fees including check-in, storage, payments, at any point in the process

  • Report and document generation 

  • Administrative functions like vendor maintenance, setting program control values, rate setting and changes, and much more 

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