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ParkPlus understands that your priority isn’t parking. However, you want to provide the best experience to your visitors while earning maximum revenue from this asset. ParkPlus offers the highest compliance rating and eliminates queueing so you get visitors in and their parking paid for as efficiently as possible. Hospital parking management doesn’t have to be a drag; instead, it can be a valuable service you provide to visitors as efficiently as possible.

Our approach is to integrate your existing hardware with our parking garage management software. We enable you to choose which modules you need, thus providing you with a turn-key yet custom solution. Need mobile payment? You got it. Need 100% compliance? You got it. Need customized usage reporting? You got it. Need a branded app? You got it. Need a parking guidance system? You got it. This approach saves time, saves money, and provides proof that you are managing your scarce resources wisely.


  • Integrate with license plate recognition software to allow gateless entry

  • Maintain or increase compliance while reducing enforcement costs

  • Patrons can lookup history and sessions online

  • Mixed use spaces for hourly, weekly and monthly parking

  • 3rd party payment capability

  • Reporting on usage including rates, times and revenue (custom reports available on almost any data)

  • Easy to implement and use

  • Reduced operating costs and other financial savings

Want more info on how hospitals can use ParkPlus?

Provide an easier way for staff and visitors alike to park onsite with ParkPlus by offering mixed use permit and hourly options. Adding an efficient way to manage this source of revenue will enable you to reallocate staff and financial resources to areas that matter most. To help all the facility users, payment can be made online, via digital wallet, or even via credit card or coins at existing pay stations or meters that we can integrate with your solution.


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