ParkPlus enables your enforcement team to go mobile with our handheld software app, Mobile Citation. We start by building a custom database for your business, so that you pick the fields and the responses. For example, bylaws can be pre-populated into a drop-down list so an officer can select which infraction is taking place. You also choose which fields to include, such as photos, car information, and any special-circumstance flags that can be applied. 

Once the app is customized to your needs, authorized users and admin are created with unique login IDs. This means that each officer is held accountable for their tickets. Citations can be opened and closed as needed for editing (for example, when chalking) until the offence is finalized and a citation printed and placed on the vehicle. With tablets and mobile printers, this entire process can be completed quickly and easily, increasing efficiency of staff. 

Our software is a great option for real-time enforcement as well. It automatically detects any communication issues and alerts officers on their mobile devices. This keeps officers informed of pay station status and lets them decide whether or not to issue a ticket if a pay station is down. 


What you don’t see is the violation determination module. This is the key to the process, where licence plates are matched with corresponding payments. When an officer validates a plate, the app simultaneously checks with the network to verify if a payment has been made. Matching each plate with a payment ensures your organization generates maximum revenue with your parking assets as customers cannot share physical tickets/permits. 


  • Status of citation (issued, disputed, closed)

  • Payment status

  • Tag status

  • Court status (appearance, conviction, absence, paid)

  • Date tracking (date issued, 30, 60, 90 days out)

  • Bylaw cited (customized list for your business) 


This application facilitates the collection and entry of parking infraction information, by a parking enforcement officer (PEO) in real time to produce a printed ticket that may be placed on the infracting vehicle.

This application runs on the Android operating system via paired devices and mobile printers. It enables users to create parking citations, and print tickets relating to those parking citations. It also allows users to take pictures of parking infractions. Features of this module include:

  • Secured login and data load controlled by the back-end system

  • Device can function in an ‘offline’ situation after initial login

  • Ability to modify populated information in the back-end system that will propagate to all devices

  • Encryption setup for individual users; any work completed or being completed by user 1 cannot be seen if user 2 logs into the same device

  • Data entry simplified to drop-down selections and buttons where applicable

  • Real-time licence plate check, when data connection is available, to determine vehicle related information

  • Create and track ‘warning’ tickets 

  • Cancel a ticket for compliance purposes; information is tracking for reporting 

  • Capture up to 2 photos connected to the infraction in question

  • Confirmation check for the entered licence plate and summary of all collected information to ensure accuracy

  • Print and re-print tickets until they are submitted to the back-end system

  • Put tickets in a pending state and return later to update and/or print the infraction


ParkPlus helps you to manage the lifecycle of infraction notices you issue, including reminders, collection processes, and more.