ParkPlus has recently launched our new, in-house developed electronic system for parking permits. This tool works in residential, commercial, or institutional settings by having all customers register for parking online. Permits can be issued for short or long term stays, one-off visitor parking sessions, or annual renewal residential locations. The entire process of applying for, approving, and paying for parking permits is completed seamlessly online. Users can log in and update information and check the status of any applications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s the most convenient way to manage parking permits.

This product is a perfect complement to the existing suite of parking software already offered by ParkPlus System. It integrates with our mobile app, enforcement solutions, impound lot management software, citation tracking and management application, mobile payment collection, reporting options, and parking data collection and analysis tools. It also syncs with a huge variety of parking hardware, including pay stations, LPR systems, and much more.


The application and approval processes for parking permits is

now easily understood and managed by customers. The

process is explained in the video to the right. ParkPlus System

also offers a dedicated website for the process complete with

an easy to understand question and answer page. This is available

to all registered users. You can set up an account or try it out here


This is a major advancement in the parking technology field as

every aspect of parking needs to integrate with a smart city,

and have customers/residents at the core of their products.

This uses both of these principles and delivers a unique,

efficient, and valuable service to keep customers happy. It also

simplifies the process for your staff, approving applications in

batches and minimizing redundancy. It lets them focus on

providing the permit the customer wants as quickly and efficiently

as possible, providing better, more transparent service along the way.

If eligibility requirements are a must, we’ve got you covered. You can restrict permit purchase to tenants, employees, customers, or any other group you have data on. By pre-authorizing people who meet your criteria, the software ensures permits are only sold to authorized purchasers. 

With the parking permit system, you can choose to apply a fee for the service to your customers – or not. Billing for the service is built into our product, but you can turn this function on or off to meet the needs of your business. You have complete control over the amount you charge as well, and this can be updated at any time using your administrative account.  


Customers pay only for the parking used by applying time stamps at the start and stop of a parking session. This is a huge upgrade to guessing at how much to put in a meter since you never run out of time and never overspend. On the management side, it’s a great way to ensure every person who uses your facility pays – there’s no sharing tickets or passes. 


This type of permit applies to daily, weekly, monthly, or annual parking. ParkPlus’ back-end software enables you to provide flexible options for your clients and finalize transactions online at their convenience.   


There are two key ways that you’ll see immediate cost savings by using the ParkPlus online portal. 

1. Hang Tags: Virtual permits eliminate printing and distribution of hang tags, stickers, and all the other old fashioned ways of displaying a permit. Save money and make a positive environmental contribution.  

2. Staff Resources: The online portal can be opened to the public for permit application, or restricted to members only. Having an easy-to-use online system will help reduce staff hours spent on the parking permit application process, as customers do the work at their leisure. 


ParkPlus offers an online solution to managing parking contracts with our parking portal. It's the perfect way to offer best in class customer service. Customer data is available through a secure portal, enabling staff to provide seamless customer interactions. This solution provides the fewest resistance points for customers, since they can access the data anytime, anywhere for updates, account changes, billing, and more. Users have full control over applications, changing licence plate information, personal data, and submitting payment. 


  • Self-managed accounts where users can access either program to add and delete licence plates; sublease parking spots to customer or employees; request invoices

  • Manage wait lists by allowing users to place their names on a wait list for up to 3 parking lots; notify users via email when a spot becomes available; move on to the next person on the wait list when no response is received within a set time period

  • Generate invoices for users requiring proof of payment

  • Vet requests for permits to determine which requests need supporting documentation (such as employment within a building or corporate approval)

  • Roles and permissions can be assigned to different types of users

  • Track transactions (for audit purposes), records type of transaction, and who conducted the transaction


Details coming soon! If you can't wait, just drop us a line or give us a call today!


Details coming soon! If you can't wait, just drop us a line or give us a call today!