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ParkPlus offers an online solution to managing parking contracts with our parking portal. It's the perfect way to offer best in class customer service. Customer data is available through a secure portal, enabling staff to provide seamless customer interactions. This solution provides the fewest resistance points for customers, since they can access the data anytime, anywhere for updates, account changes, billing, and more. Users have full control over applications, changing licence plate information, personal data, and submitting payment. 


  • Self-managed accounts where users can access either program to add and delete licence plates; sublease parking spots to customer or employees; request invoices

  • Manage wait lists by allowing users to place their names on a wait list for up to 3 parking lots; notify users via email when a spot becomes available; move on to the next person on the wait list when no response is received within a set time period

  • Generate invoices for users requiring proof of payment

  • Vet requests for permits to determine which requests need supporting documentation (such as employment within a building or corporate approval)

  • Roles and permissions can be assigned to different types of users

  • Track transactions (for audit purposes), records type of transaction, and who conducted the transaction

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