Municipal Parking Management

There are dozens of aspects to consider relating to parking management in every city, large or small. What kind of parking meters do you have? How do you manage the impound lot? When and where do you offer public parking? How do you administer residential parking permits? Should you use a demand-based parking fee structure? The list goes on. Now what?

ParkPlus enables you to tackle local parking management issues with ease. Take our turn-key solution and add only the modules you need. Our white label app is a blank canvas for your municipal parking management branding. As the first municipality in North America to develop and implement this unique parking management software, we have a decade of experience testing it in a live environment (our hometown of Calgary, Alberta). We know the complexity of supplying public parking to a municipality better than any other company out there, which enables us to be thought leaders and trusted consultants when implementing your parking management strategy.

Features and Benefits for Municipal Parking Operators


  • White label product to customize with your branding
  • Experience as an owner-operator
  • Enforcement in real time or post session
  • Integration with any hardware or software systems
  • High user satisfaction ratings (94-97%)
  • Unified platform for citizens to perform multiple parking needs (payment, receipts, permits, multiple vehicles etc.)
  • High data integrity for fewer disputed tickets
  • Reduced risk and confrontation likelihood for enforcement officers
  • City planning with data and analytics
  • Free mobile app for users
  • Adjustable rates (by the time of the day, day of the week, etc.)


As the first owner-operator in the mobile parking app market, and an in-house developer and user of our own technology for over 10 years, we can attest first hand that this is an ideal solution for a municipality of any size. Custom branding will make citizens feel at home and studies have proven year over year that they understand, frequently use and are highly satisfied with the mobile app. Citation management is simpler with photo evidence and increased compliance, and scarce city resources can be re-allocated to produce more without increasing costs.

Still have questions? Let us help. We can walk you through any questions you have, from ‘what is a parking management system?’ to ‘how can we implement demand-based pricing in Nashville (or Hamilton, or Newfoundland, or Cleveland, or Toronto… the list goes on)?’ Or, if you’re further along the path, we can give you a demo of our Calgary parking management solution, respond to a formal RFI, or submit a proposal for any parking management RFP, RFI or tender.  Just tell us how we can help!