Frequently Asked Questions about Parking Management Systems

Here are the top parking management FAQs – and answers – we’ve seen over the past year. Have a read through, but if you don’t see the info you’re looking for, we’re happy to help! Contact us anytime.

About ParkPlus

  1. What advantages does ParkPlus have over competitors?
    • We’re the only owner-operator in the business; we’ve been around for 10 years; we’re a thought leader in the industry.
  2. Who will I be working with?
    • We have a team of staff that can assist you with everything from implementation, support, project management, data mining, technical writing and much more. You’ll also have a day-to-day contact that you can talk to about anything you need.
  3. How long have you been in business?
    • Since 2007. Can’t wait to see what you’re getting ParkPlus for the big 1-0 next year.
  4. Who are your existing clients?
    • Our most recognizable clients to date are the City of Calgary, City of Edmonton, City of Saskatoon, and Calgary Zoo. We do have several others who operate on a smaller scale; just let us know if you need more examples or a reference from one of our clients.


About Pring and Cost

  1. Do you offer demand-based pricing?
    • Yes! We will work with you to meet your needs, be that a leasing agreement, front or back end load for fees, demand-based pricing model, flat fees, or whatever else you can think of.
  2. Can I save my organization money by implementing ParkPlus?
    • You have come to the right place if you want to save your organization money. We can help you reduce admin costs, increase payment compliance, reduce maintenance and collection costs, enable your officers to be more efficient, and reduce the number of disputes you face, plus lots more. You name it, we can help you save in that area.
  3. Where can I find pricing?
    • We design a pricing solution based on the components each client needs, so everyone will have a different price to meet their requests. Please send us an email and we’re happy to give you a quote on your project at no charge or obligation.
  4. What fees are passed on to end users?
    • In the version we operate in Calgary, we don’t pass any fees directly on to the users. We can work with you on a similar model, or help implement a system that defers some of the costs to users. Really, you tell us what works best and we will make it happen.
  5. What’s my ROI on this project?
    • That depends on the speed of implementation, adoption rate, and various other factors. Typically, though, our clients see a full return on their investment in 2-5 years after implementation.


About Hardware

  1. Can I use my existing Cale/MacKay/ParkSmart/IPS/etc. meters with your solution?
    • Indeed you can. ParkPlus can be configured for any existing hardware on the market.
  2. What climates can the system operate in?
    • We test (and operate) the machines we use in as low as -30 Celsius/-22 Fahrenheit excluding wind chill. If the climate you operate in is more extreme than that, ParkPlus can help you procure more rugged equipment and install our software on it. We’re proud to be hardware agnostic.


About the Modules

  1. Can I buy only the module I need?
    • Of course! Our business is to make you look good, and no one looks good when they buy the wrong size solution for their needs. Whether you need an impound lot management tool, a way to take funds from paying parkers, a reporting platform, permitting, or anything in between we can customize our suite of offerings to meet only the needs you have.
  2. What reporting do you offer?
    • We try to keep our turn-key solution as low-cost as possible, so we include 5 standard reports that cover occupancy and usage information. We can include a variety of other standard and custom reports if you need them – just let us know what data you want to access.


About Parking Management Software

  1. What about updates to the software?
    • We are constantly improving our app and other offerings. Depending on the solution you need, we’re available to help implement the changes that will benefit your business.
  2. What other programs do you integrate with?
    • All of them! We’re platform agnostic, so whatever you have, we can work with. We have existing modules for a variety of software including Bits, CAD, BeamStream, etc. If there’s something specific you’re looking for that isn’t listed here, send us a note and we’re happy to let you know what we can do.
  3. What operating systems does the app work on?
    • Our app works on iOS and Android.
  4. Is this a cloud-based/SaaS solution?
    • Yes! It will enable you to save on hardware costs and we offer a fully redundant solution so you can rest easy.
  5. Where do I get technical specs?
    • From us! Send an email over and let us know what kind of technical information you need. We’ll get back to you within 1 business day.


About the Ticketing Process

  1. Who issues and enforces tickets?
    • It depends. In most cases, we leave the enforcement to our clients. In some cases, like businesses located in Calgary, we can take over that role if desired.
  2. Can you accommodate chalking practices by our enforcement officers?
    • Yes we do. In fact, we have a video showing our officer chalking and tagging a ticket that we would be happy to show you and explain the process in real time. Give us a call at 1 844 857 7587 if you’d like to set up a web meeting to have a look!


Other Topics

  1. How is the solution branded?
    • Our solution can either be branded as ParkPlus, although most of our clients prefer the white-label version that allows them to put their own branding on all hardware and software used.
  2. What are the redundancy and uptime guarantees?
    • Our minimum level of care is 97% uptime with technical support available 14 hours a day, 6 days a week. If that doesn’t meet your needs, we can also build increased service levels into your custom solution.
  3. What are the advantages of using pay-by-plate?
    • Unique vehicle identifiers; multiple channels to pay for parking; simple; easy for customers, photographic evidence, pay for other sessions/people… the list goes on!
  4. How long does it take to implement the system?
    • This will vary based on the size of the operation. We’re looking at 2-8 weeks depending on requirements, which would include training for enforcement and admin personnel.


Still not finding the info you need – you can always send us a message on social media! (@getparkplus), (ParkPlus System) or (@getparkplus) Or just give up and conduct your own 10 years of primary research. If you do that let us know – we’d love to write an article about you!