Complete Parking Management Technology

When we say that ParkPlus is a fully integrated parking management solution, we really mean it. Whether your business is a small parking lot to a complex municipal parking operation, we can intertwine every aspect of your operations into a single, powerful, simple platform. Since a picture really is worth a thousand words, take a peek at what we mean below.

PP Product Suite


Pay Stations

The ParkPlus System can interface with a wide range of different pay station makes and models. An interface between the pay station software and the ParkPlus System software is required to communicate the required information.

Mobile Payment

The ParkPlus System offers a variety of mobile payment capabilities, including payment by account-based cell phone, smartphone app, and online via website. The mobile payment module is optional since The ParkPlus System can interface with other third-party cell phone/app payment systems.

Contract, Pre-paid and Permit Parking Management

Through ParkPlus Online, various kinds of permits and contract parking (e.g., monthly, weekly, etc., or short stay reserved parking) can be accessed and self-managed by the permit holder, after an initial approval process. Users can also set up an account based parking pass that might be tied to a membership or status (e.g., an employee, volunteer, member, student status, employee, etc.) using their membership number to access the system to secure the pass.


License Plate Recognition (LPR) Camera Enforcement

Using vehicle-mounted, fixed, or handheld cameras, photographic data is uploaded to the ParkPlus System where photo evidence is matched with transaction data to determine if payment has been made or not, and any resulting tickets/citations are mailed out to the registered owner of the vehicle. LPR systems are supplied by third-party providers, with an interface to the ParkPlus System.

Handheld Enforcement

The ParkPlus System offers plate-based enforcement using input of information on-street through a handheld device. This is used in situations where parking tickets are placed on the vehicle or cannot be mailed out due to legal or other restrictions.

Citation Tracking

Through the Bylaw Infraction Tracking System (BITS), tickets/citations that are issued can be tracked from date of issue through to payment or finalization of court processes.


Parking Availability

The ParkPlus System can display real-time information about parking availability in lots or on-street through the mobile app and/or online via the operator’s website.

Customer Account Management

Customers can access and manage their own accounts via a web interface in order to change account details, add/remove license plate numbers, add/remove phone numbers and settings for notifications, and to access their accounts for accounting or activity monitoring purposes.

Parking System Data

A rich set of parking data with respect to parking transactions and enforcement is available to help the operator optimize parking operations and pricing.

Financial Reporting

Standard and customized reporting is available for tracking parking system revenues.