Facts and Figures from the Parking Industry

Vehicles Have A Huge Impact On Society

Parking Stats! Who doesn’t love a good does of number crunching to put things into perspective.

See how the numbers add up when it comes to the automobile’s impact in North AmericaToday’s post is an infographic highlighting some of the staggering numbers related to driving and parking.

Here’s the run down:

  1. Registered Vehicles: 33,168,805 in Canada (via StatsCan) plus 253 million in the US (via LA Times)
  2. Amount of Roadways: 1.350 million kilometers in Canada (via Transportation Canada) plus 4.12 million miles in the US (via American Road & Transportation Builders Association); total of 7.932 million kilometers or 4.959 million miles
  3. Number of Parking Spaces: low estimates come in at 105 million in the US and high estimates come in at 2 billion in the US. Three researched backed studies all concluded that the likely number is approximately at 800 million in the US (via Per Square Mile). No numbers exist for Canada.
  4. Number of ParkSmart Certified Garages: 13 (information from Paul Wessel at US Green Building Council via ParkSmart website inquiry)

These parking stats show us how cars have exploded in North America in the past 100 years, when virtually none of this existed. Our obsession with the automobile and subsequent dependency on it has only recently come to light. Building environmentally friendly ways to drive and park our vehicles is critical to reducing fossil fuel consumption. ParkSmart is currently the only parking garage certification standard, and as demonstrated by the numbers, very few operators have gotten certified to date.

Is your business undertaking certification? Let us know what your plans are and if you think we as a parking industry should and/or could be doing more.

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