Proven parking solutions for liveable cities.

The ParkPlus System offers municipal and commercial parking managers with an innovative and proven system for efficient management of parking operations.

The ParkPlus System is the first application of ‘pay-by-plate’ technology worldwide. Developed by the Calgary Parking Authority and deployed in Calgary since 2007, The ParkPlus System is a proven and effective solution for the fully integrated management of parking payment and permits.

The system provides management and enforcement for the full range of parking modes, including on-street, surface lot, parking garage, contract parking, special permits, residential parking permits, and event parking.

The parking ‘credential’ for each mode of parking is the digitalized record of the vehicle’s license plate number. This enables convenient payment through a range of methods, including on-street pay stations, mobile devices, or on-line. Parking permits, reserved parking, and long-term contracts can also be secured through a self-serve on-line web portal.

The system provides for efficient and effective enforcement of digital parking credentials across all parking modes through License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras and software, as well as monitoring and enforcement of parking duration.

The ParkPlus System is currently deployed and fully operational in several North American cities, including Calgary, Edmonton, and Saskatoon.